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2015 Greater New Haven Walk Against Hunger

inset photoSunday, May 17, 2015 at 1PM
College Woods Pavilion, East Rock Park
New Haven

Connecticut Food Bank is proud to announce the 39th Annual Greater New Haven Walk Against Hunger. Join us at the College Woods Pavilion at East Rock Park as New Haven comes alive to rally in support of their community, their neighbors in need, and the local partner programs of Connecticut Food Bank, as we make a difference in the lives of so many people facing hunger.

As a participant of the Walk Against Hunger, you are supporting Connecticut Food Bank in providing nutritious food to people in need.   We value your continued commitment to our mission and hope you will walk with us.

Connecticut is known for its remarkable shoreline and its exceptional country side, but even these idyllic communities are hard hit by hunger. In every Connecticut city and town, our neighbors are battling hunger every day. This spring, the Walk Against Hunger will bring attention to their challenges and raise funds to put more food on their plates.

Nearly 700 critical, local grassroots programs depend upon Connecticut Food Bank as a lifeline to nutritious food.  Through this lifeline, Connecticut Food Bank distributes enough food to make 46,000 meals a day across Connecticut.

Walk Against Hunger proceeds directly benefit local grassroots programs and simultaneously expand the capacity of Connecticut Food Bank’s work to alleviate hunger.  That means shelters, soup kitchens and other hunger relief services that provide food to neighbors in your local community all gain valuable resources and awareness!


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Money Raised - $46,902.93

Top 5 Participants

  1 -  ALEXANDER Labadia ($1,515.00)
  2 -  James N. Trimble ($1,155.00)
  3 -  Barbara Kelley ($990.00)
  4 -  Gold Level Medal C. Alex Dyer ($925.00)
  5 -  Daniel Maloney ($830.00)

Top 5 Teams

  1 -  Hunger Fighters ($5,622.00)
  2 -  Wiggin and Dana ($2,660.00)
  3 -  The Mighty Elf &Friends ($2,235.00)
  4 -  First Presbyterian Church ($2,105.00)
  5 -  Fellowship Place Steppers ($2,023.00)

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