1. What is a virtual food drive?

The Connecticut Food Bank virtual food drive is a web-based tool that allows individuals and organizations to hold an online food drive. Hosting aVirtual Food Driveis fast and easy, and eliminates those extra trips to the grocery store. You can inspire your family and friends to bring awareness to hunger and raise critical funds with just a few clicks of your mouse.

2. What about traditional food drives?

Traditional food drives supply nonperishable items that are greatly needed to our partner agencies and help provide them with a variety of food. We can help to partner you with these community agencies. Virtual Food Drives help the Connecticut Food Bank distribute a wide range of food products at a greatly reduced cost. Your virtual food drive dollar goes farther in helping to meet the need of our hungry neighbors. We can help you capture the same spirit and enthusiasm in a virtual food drive that you might experience in a traditional food drive.

3. Who can run a virtual food drive?

Anyone can host a virtual food drive. You can register as an individual, you can start your own team or you can join an existing team. Your drive can be customized to meet the needs of your company or organization.

4. Why a virtual food drive?

Holding a Virtual Food Drive is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to help Connecticut Food Bank alleviate hunger across the state.

Other benefits of hosting a virtual food drive:

  • It's easy to use and manage.
  • A Virtual Food Drive saves the food bank critical time and resources typically incurred by processing a physical food drive.
  • It's the greenest of all food drives.
  • Virtual Food Drive is a great tool to create friendly competition among your group resulting in a bigger impact for your hungry neighbors.
  • Transactions can be completed within minutes.
  • Your donations allow us to purchase our most needed items.

5. How do I get started?

Starting a Virtual Food Drive is easy!

  1. Choose how you'd like to participate: Start a team, join a team, or hold a virtual food drive as an individual.
  2. Personalize your page.
  3. Invite friends, family or coworkers to join!

Once your drive is set up, you and your participants will be able to browse our aisles to see just how much of an impact your gift will make. Add items to your “shopping cart” and “check out” by making your gift!

6. Can I just make a donation?

Yes. If you would like to make a donation to Connecticut Food Bank click here

7. Can you give me some ideas to make my virtual food drive a success?

Some quick tips:

  • Be sure to set a goal! One of team members can help you set an achievable goal of dollars or meals donated.
  • Use your social networks. Don't hesitate to link your virtual food drive to any of your social media pages.
  • Email your friends and family through the user-friendly participant center. It is quick and easy to communicate with all of your contacts.

8. I still have questions.

Please contact Kerri Burgerhoff at kburgerhoff@ctfoodbank.org or 203.469.5000 with additional questions.