Say No To The Dunkin Say Yes To A Donation

When I was a kid, my father lost his job and then there was a lot less of things, including food.  Don't get me wrong, we always had food, there just wasn't as much as there use to be. 

Just like I knew which of my friends' parents' had money enough to feed an extra kid at their table and which ones didn't.  You politely declined offers of food and if you couldn't, you ate as little as possible.

Our parents weren't bad people or lazy or trying to get away with something.  They just hit a patch of bad luck or they weren't lucky enough to make the big bucks. 

And, of course, history repeats itself as I grew up to help raise 3 kids who knew better than to ask for anything, simply because there was nothing left to give.  Hell, the only reason I learned how to cook was 'cause I was so saddened by watching them eat spaghetti and frozen pizza all the time. (And for those of you who know Matthew, you know he worked hard to support his kids - he hit a bad patch, just like my Dad).

So say no to the Dunkin Doughnuts for a day or two and give what you would have spent on coffee to this great charity.  The little kid I was would greatly appreciate it!