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2014 Eastern Connecticut Walk Against Hunger

Stephanie's Page in Thyme

In honor of my sister, Stephanie Ann Levine, we have started a team and will be joining in Connecticut Food Bank's Walk Against Hunger on May 18th at Chelsea Parade in Norwich.  Our team name is Stephanie's Page in Thyme.

Steph truly loved to feed people and she fed them well!  Therefore, this fundraiser and walk is the perfect way to carry on her generous ways and honor her memory.  Your support will help our local Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center and Connecticut Food Bank distribute food to approxmiately 120 food-assistance programs in Eastern Connecticut. Every dollar raised goes directly toward providing food and hot meals to hungry families, children, seniors and individuals right here in Connecticut. Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center and Connecticut Food Bank can feed one person for an entire day with just $1! 

 Thank you for helping us reach fundraising goal! Our team is committed to raising funds that will help alleviate hunger in our local communities. Please consider supporting our team, Stephanie's Page in Thyme, with a donation or by Walking Against Hunger with us.  

Stephanie's Page in Thyme Raised
Bronze Level Medal Priscilla Migliaccio $100.00
David Ballestrini $0.00
Bronze Level Medal Dina Ballestrini $110.00
Matt Candler $0.00
Matthew Candler $0.00
Marge Carboni $10.00
Jordyn Clark $25.00
Michelle Clesowich $0.00
Russell Cutuli $25.00
Gabrielle Dubuc $0.00
Geoff Dubuc $0.00
Shannon Dubuc $0.00
Andrew Garrow $0.00
Kristina Gregory $0.00
Kristen Johnson $0.00
Crystal Levine $26.00
Ken Levine $0.00
Rebecca Mallett $0.00
Ashley Migliaccio $25.00
Bill Migliaccio $25.00
Mandi Migliaccio $25.00
Max Migliaccio $25.00
Bronze Level Medal Debbie Morse $100.00
elyse mullins $0.00
stefanie patt $25.00
Jennell Ricard $20.00
Chad Vaudreuil $0.00
edward wybraniec $25.00
Paige Wybraniec $25.00
Stanley Wybraniec $0.00
Team Gifts $1,430.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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