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2014 Eastern Connecticut Walk Against Hunger

Norwich Worship Center

Eastern Connecticut Walk Against Hunger 5/18/14

Thank you for helping us reach fundraising goal! Our team is committed to raising funds that will help alleviate hunger in our local communities. Please consider supporting our team with a donation, or by Walking Against Hunger with us.

Your support is needed to help Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center and Connecticut Food Bank distribute food to approxmiately 120 food-assistance programs in Eastern Connecticut. Every dollar raised goes directly toward providing food and hot meals to hungry families, children, seniors and individuals right here in Connecticut.

Remember, Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center and Connecticut Food Bank can feed one person for an entire day with just $1! 

Norwich Worship Center Raised
Chris Colter $50.00
Bob Brodeur $30.00
Gideon Caplet $5.00
Hannah Caplet $5.00
Justin Caplet $5.00
Lisa Caplet $5.00
lee cavarnos $0.00
Aaron Colter $30.00
Faith Colter $30.00
Krista Colter $30.00
Nicole Colter $30.00
Paul Ferland $0.00
Barbara Grimm $25.00
Gabriel Hilario $0.00
Marcus Hilario $0.00
Samuel Hilario $0.00
Vicktrie Hilario $0.00
Faye Holden $0.00
Silver Level Medal Michelle Jacobik $395.00
Katherine Jones $0.00
Makenzie Jones $0.00
Mike Jones $0.00
Noah Jones $0.00
Wesley Jones $0.00
Rebecca Lumbroso $50.00
Ryan Mardin $0.00
Dianne McSparren $0.00
Cynthia Moore $0.00
Leon Moore $0.00
Jason Rediger $0.00
Chelsea Rediger-Jones $0.00
Gold Level Medal Carol Sharp $620.00
Gold Level Medal Jeffrey and Carol Sharp $675.00
Ingrid Skinner $0.00
John Skinner $0.00
Carrie Thompson $0.00
Isaac Tucker $0.00
Danielle Uterstaedt $50.00
Bryan Weisbrod $0.00
Michelle Weisbrod $0.00
Team Gifts $635.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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