Walk Against Hunger 2018

Watson Walkers

Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 1PM 

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven 

Help us reach our Walk Against Hunger fundraising goal! What an exciting opportunity for us to work together to provide nutritious food to people in need.

Join us at Lighthouse Point Park to rally in support of the Connecticut Food Bank and its network of local food assistance programs to make a difference in the lives of neighbors in our community facing hunger.

Please consider walking with me or supporting my team. With your help we will be able to make a difference in our local community and in the fight to alleviate hunger. I hope you will encourage your family, friends and coworkers to get involved too!

Why Walk Against Hunger? 

More than 400,000 people in Connecticut struggle with hunger. One in six Connecticut children is food insecure. It's a problem affecting not only our cities, but suburbs and rural communities across the state. This spring, the Walk Against Hunger will bring attention to their challenges and raise funds to put more food on their plates.

More than 650 community based food assistance programs depend on the Connecticut Food Bank as a lifeline to nutritious food. Through this network, the Connecticut Food Bank distributes enough food in the six Connecticut counties they serve to prepare more than 57,000 meals per day.

Walk Against Hunger proceeds expand the capacity of the Connecticut Food Bank to provide nutritious food to people in need. Your support helps the Connecticut Food Bank to supply shelters, soup kitchens and other hunger relief services that provide food to neighbors in your local community and raise community awareness about the problem of  hunger and the need to help people right here in Connecticut.


Watson Walkers - Join Team Raised
Christina Cole $0.00
Bianca Acevedo $25.00
Fahed Ahmad $25.00
Sikander Ahmad $25.00
Maham Ahmed $25.00
Masood Ahmed $25.00
Jenaiza Bermudez $25.00
Mia Bermudez $25.00
Christina Cole $25.00
Matt Couture $30.00
Stephanie Couture $30.00
Jacqueline Garcia $25.00
Josue' Garcia $30.00
Shiela Garcia $30.00
David Graham $30.00
Chante Green $25.00
Ricky Hernandez $25.00
Mark Hollums $30.00
Moira Hollums $30.00
Aiden MacKenzie $25.00
Amanda MacKenzie $25.00
Charlie MacKenzie $25.00
Patrick MacKenzie $25.00
Patti MacKenzie $25.00
Nick Malik $25.00
Particia McKenzie $50.00
Chanti Nhean $25.00
Natalia Nhean $25.00
Sonia Nhean $25.00
Jayden Perez $25.00
Jimmy Perez $25.00
Joanna Perez $25.00
Justin Perez $25.00
Blake Powers $25.00
Lauren Powers $25.00
Bridgette Roberts $25.00
Lilli Romsky $25.00
Victoria Romsky $25.00
Daniel Sanchez $30.00
Jennifer Sanchez $30.00
mia sanchez $30.00
Xavier Sanchez $30.00
Liz Scott $25.00
Amit Sinha $30.00
Carla Velasquez $25.00
Team Gifts $40.00
Denotes a Team Captain